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Have you been experiencing an infestation at your home or business? Do not, I repeat do NOT wait another minute before calling Sparta Pest Control. These pests are pesky and will not go away on their own! Our highly trained technicians can provide lasting solutions to homeowners & small-business owners alike with questions answered in a prompt manner as well as providing the best possible pest control service

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Sparta Pest’s proudly provides Moisture control,pest insulation, termite and pest control services in the greater Maydelle TX area.
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One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to assume that just because they don’t see pests- that there aren’t any.
If an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” call the Sparta Pest today to schedule a FREE Total Home Evaluation

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Ant Control

Ants can be one of the most stubborn insects on earth. They come in all shapes and sizes, but their common trait is that they will not go away quietly– Sparta Pest Control Maydelle TX has got you covered with pest control methods tailored just for ants! With our thorough approach to eliminating any infestation—we ensure an effective campaign against these pesky creatures so no return visits are necessary


Cockroach Control

The Cockroach is not your average household pest. These pesky creatures can cause problems with their scary Skins, causing diseases and allergens galore! Don’t let them get away – call Sparta Pest Control for an inspection today at 919-756-1683


Termite Control

When termites attack your home, they can cause immense damage to the foundation. You might not know that an infestation has happened until one year later when you notice holes appearing in walls or floors; this is because it takes them up until three months before any actual signs of destruction appear at all! So don’t wait around- contact Sparta Pest Control Maydelle TX today.


Bed Bugs

Not only do bed bugs feed on you, but they can also spread diseases like rash or asthma to your pets. They’re resistant to many chemicals which means that it’s important for homeowners like yourself have professionals help eliminate their pest problems so as not cause any more irritation in the home! Let Sparta Pest Control take care of this now before things get worse…


Bee's & Wasps

Bees, wasps, and hornets can be a very serious pest both inside and outside of your home or office.
At Sparta Pest Control, we know bees and wasps so you don’t need to. Our specially
trained techs know how to treat for bee’s & Wasps to keep your home or business safe.


Rodent Control

Mice and rats can find their way into your home through extremely small holes. Once there, they may cause damage in search for food or water as well as when building nests! In some cases you might not see them This is why it’s important that we seal every possible entry point so this does not happen again call Sparta Pest Today

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Keep your home free of pests with help from Sparta Pest control!

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is bug free with guaranteed pest control solutions from Sparta Pest Control in Maydelle ,TX ! Our eco-friendly methods will leave you feeling great about living pest free today. Call our team at Sparta Pest Control 1 919-756-1683 to start getting rid Of those pesky bugs once and for all

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Our Sparta Pest Control Maydelle TX Branch is committed to providing safe pest control for your whole family.  This means no harsh chemicals or fumes near children and pets.


Sparta Pest has you covered for cockroach control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683


Sparta Pest has you covered for rodent control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683


Sparta Pest has you covered for ant control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683


Sparta Pest has you covered for termite control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683


Sparta Pest has you covered for fleas & tick control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683


Sparta Pest has you covered for mosquito control in Maydelle TX give us a call: 919-756-1683

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We know you want to make your home a sanctuary for yourself and those who matter the most, not an infestation of pests. That's why Sparta Pest works hard at making sure that when our customers come into contact with any type or size pest they will be taken care immediately by one Maydelle pest control package: same-day service! Sparta Pest Control Maydelle Branch will make your home safe again.
We use products that are less toxic and environmentally friendly than table salt, so you can feel confident about protecting yourself and those who matter most in this world!The key to keeping your home free of pests is identification. Our friendly Maydelle TX Branch exterminators are trained professionally and will identify the type or species of pest you have,then implement a treatment that can be customized for each individual situation.In a humid subtropical climate like Maydelle TX , it is not uncommon for bugs and insects to flourish.
These pests can cause serious structural damage as well as trigger allergic reactions in those who suffer from nut consumption sensitivity or asthma-inducing allergies! Sparta Pest's team will work closely with you during every step of the process so that we may provide relief today while also considering long term solutions tailored specifically towards your needs going forward