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Ant Control

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Ants can be one of the most pesky insects on earth. There is no shortage in types and forms that these little creatures take, but there are ways to control them! The team at Sparta Pest Control will make sure any infestation has been eliminated before returning again
There are many different types of ants, but some can cause serious problems. Ants to watch out for include: Carpenter ants—these pests love to chew through wood and create structural damage in your home; they’re also known as “cariakinic” Buenos Aires district workers because their bite can causes pain when it bites human skin! The red fire ant may look similar enough that you might not notice them unless there's plenty light available (which helps with Identification), this particular species has quite an accomplished history intimidating people who live nearby by spraying harmful acid on anything within reach including pets

Even if ants haven’t invaded your food, you can still protect yourself.  You Can do this by:

  • Removing any standing water
  • Putting plants far away from your home
  • Keeping your entire home clean
  • Calling Sparta Pest Control

If you’re ready to eliminate ants in and around your home, contact us today at


You can stay in your home while we apply treatment

Ant Control

With all the items we use being eco-friendly, you can rest assured knowing your Ant issues will be taken care of while also being safe for kids & pets.

We know that ants can be a real problem for homeowners, but we’ve got you covered. Our years of experience have shown us how to give optimal help in defeating these pesky pests – only one out three pest control companies will actually make your home ant free; whereas our treatments mean no more pesky little crawling creatures scouring the walls or trails across flooring surfaces looking for food!