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If you are like many Others, your home may be in need of termite protection.

But with the hectic schedule we all share these days this issue has become something that can wait until later rather than taking care immediately- which is why our Termite Home Defense and Healthy House service packages were created!

These comprehensive programs will put an end to any existing colonies within your house while also protecting it
against future damages caused by insects or their eggs - making sure nothing happens without being noticed

If you're concerned that termites may have infested your property, don't worry! Our Sparta Pest Control heroes are here to help.

We offer a variety of liquid and bait treatment options for these pesky bugs - including FREE inspections with every job so we can find out if there's any wood boring insects on the inside before providing protection plans tailored just for YOU

How one simple fix can save you from termites!
Sparta Pest Control specializes in performing conventional liquid termite treatments.

This method provides quick results that prevent and eliminating the pests within 90 days - but there's no need for worry if they haven't been gone after just 1 year because our team is always ready with a solution tailored specifically for your home’s construction material types (i e.. stucco).

To achieve these faster outcomes, reps will access entry points by creating trenches around foundations; then apply barriers according to label instructions while protecting themselves against any potential workplace hazards

You can stay in your home while we apply treatment

Termite Control

With all the items we use being eco-friendly, you can rest assured knowing your Termite issues will be taken care of while also being safe for kids & pets.

A termite infestation can cause great harm and structural damage to your home or business. That’s because termites quietly chew through the wood (floors, studs behind the sheetrock, etc), in your home or business as they look for their main source of there food (“cellulose”). It is for this reason termites can be Super damaging/costly because they go undetected for months or years.

Subterranean termites typically prefer to feest on the softest parts of wood between the grains. This is not the case for dry wood termites which tend to feest across the grain. Additionally, subterranean termites build there nest’s in the ground, as opposed to dry wood termites which build there nest within the wood they infest.